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Hypnosis New Zealand
Grant & KarenNew Zealand's largest group of professional Hypnotherapists is led by Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist: Grant Boddington; ably supported by his wife Karen - and an expert Advisory Board, which is appointed annually from within the ranks of our many senior HNZ members.

Hypnosis New Zealand delivers the most comprehensive level of Hypnotherapist and client support - and boasts one of the very best communications networks in NZ Hypnotherapy circles. 

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy information abounds on this site, so whether you're looking for Hypnotherapy Treatment or Hypnotherapy Training, you've come to the right place!  Please remember to add Hypnosis New Zealand to your favorites and return soon.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Courses
HNZDCH Hypnosis New Zealand
                                        Diploma in Clinical
                                        Hypnotherapy Start training to become a Hypnotherapist today with Hypnosis New Zealand. It's affordable, swift and simple to become a Hypnotherapist! Your choice of either Homestudy Hypnotherapy Training, or a 5 day Classroom Hypnotherapy Training Course.

Passing the Homestudy course will earn you the Hypnosis New Zealand Certificate in Hypnotherapy - and passing the 5 Day course will earn you the Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Both courses include personal support and tutoring by Registered Hypnotherapist Grant Boddington.

Hypnosis New Zealand Hypnotherapy

Stage Hypnotist Show

Learn to be a
Stage Hypnotist

Home Study Course
with FREE Email & SKYPE Support!
                                                          Stage Hypnosis
The complete manual for Stage Hypnotists, from Professional International Master Hypnotist, Grant Boddington.  Complete with 12 weeks free EMAIL & SKYPE support.
Grant Boddington - Master Stage Hypnotist - top comedy Hypnotism entertainer, can entertain your Corporate Event, Business Seminar, Conference, Sports Club, University, College, Military Mess, School Fundraising or Charity events anywhere in the New Zealand with his Hilarious Stage Hypnosis Show.

Your audience will be intrigued and amused by the wildly entertaining actions provided by their very own friends and family. Experience “CLOSE-UP STAGE HYPNOSIS” as the stars of the show move from the stage and venture out amongst the audience under the influence of Hypnotist Grant’s outrageous suggestions.

This stage hypnotism show is an informative, mysterious, intriguing and hilarious presentation that is surely the most refreshingly different and unique hypnotic experience ever.  You'll remember it for years, whether you participate or watch!

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Products

You can purchase top quality Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Products from an experienced  Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Grant can help you to improve your mind, your body or your life with his own personally written and recorded Hypnotherapy MP3 recordings.  Whatever your personal, business, sports or sexual issue, Grant has the right choice for you.
You can make payment in several different ways, such as Internet Banking, Credit Card  or Mail Order, all in NZ$.
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A range of MP3 recordings
                                        from Hypnosis New Zealand
A range of Hypnotherapy recordings available as  downloadable MP3s.

Simply The Best Motivation is available as a FREE Android App from Google Play by clicking the image to the right.
Simply The Best Motivation
                                        Free Android App

Hypnotherapy Sessions - Personal or Skype
Hypnotherapy has become one of the most trusted and effective of all the popular natural therapies.  It is an excellent treatment for many habits, phobias and addictions; as well as having tremendous potential in support and management of confidence, self-esteem, stress, IBS and a wide range of other personal, business, sports and sexual issues and conditions.  Grant is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and therefore highly experienced and qualified to assist in almost any self-improvement regime.

You can book a personal session in Wanganui with Grant Boddington HERE
Or an online SKYPE session with a range of professional Hypnotherapists HERE

Hypnosis Newsletter Every Month
You are also invited to subscribe to receive a free Hypnosis New Zeraland HYPNOTES Newsletter every month from Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist: Grant Boddington. 
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Incredible Lifetime Support Guarantees
With every Hypnosis New Zealand product, service or training course you deal personally with me, Grant Boddington - Hypnosis New Zealand Principal and Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist. 

You will be provided with an incredibly swift, personal support service, wherever you are in the world. Usually I will respond to your support requests within a few hours; sometimes just minutes!

And, because I personally design and create all Hypnosis New Zealand recordings, ebooks - and front all training courses I can offer these great guarantees:

"If you ever lose one of my recordings or ebooks, it will be replaced free of charge!"
"If you study Hypnotherapy with me, then I am your mentor for life!"

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