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I offer a client centred, empowering and non-judgemental service. We’re all doing the best we can, we've all made mistakes, we’ve all had sh*t happen to us, and we’ve all experienced pain, loss, and trauma.

My aim is to help you to overcome your fears, addictions, trauma and negative emotional states to clear the way forward so you can be your best self and live your best life.

I will do my very best to help you feel safe and supported throughout your hypnotherapy journey, to help you find the answers within yourself, to help you find clarity and direction moving forwards.
Services I Offer
I work with life coaching and hypnotherapy to help you define the goal or outcome you wish to achieve, identify the core issue or issues that are impacting on your ability to achieve your goal, and use hypnotherapy to clear your way forward. The surface issue e.g. physical health or weight problem, emotional state, or relationship issue is often underpinned by deeper issues that I can help you understand and let go.

I'm also a qualified and experienced medical herbalist (since 2003), and have studied and worked with many modalities including CBT, mindfulness and energy work.
I went into the hypnotherapy sessions with an open mind not knowing what to expect. The results have wildly exceeded my expectations. I found the two sessions that I had very beneficial. What Helen identified as being issues for me were right at the heart of the matter.

The recordings have been excellent. I listen to them each morning when I awake. The hypnotherapy sessions have been life changing for me. I would highly recommend Helen Donnison as a therapist to anyone wanting to make significant and lasting changes in their life - KB
When I met with Helen for a hypnotherapy session, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Helen delved deep into the blocks I was holding onto to clear them and let me be my best self! I have had two sessions, one focusing on my confidence (specifically around applying/interviewing for jobs) and one for a health focus around eating cleanly and being more active.

Both sessions have been extremely successful. I have secured the job I wanted and now attend the gym regularly. Listening to the recordings each day is a great reminder and motivator to stay on track and they don’t take long. I listen to one when I wake up, and one when I get into bed at night. A great therapy with great results! Kendall Steele
I would like to take the opportunity to endorse the work that I have done over the last few months by Helen Donnison. It’s been great – I definitely feel empowered after each session with her. I can’t really describe the words, however there’s a sense of ‘I’m in control’ post the sessions with Helen.
I’m calmer, more controlled and don’t seem to feel the agitation that I had.
The work that Helen has done with me is extremely personal and deep, and she has every quality that one would hope for when releasing such traumatic and life changing experiences (some I didn’t even realise I was holding on to). Here hypnosis allows me to relax and dig deep within myself to find these triggers, I sincerely believe I wouldn’t be able to move forward without the state of relaxation that Helen provides and puts me in.
Helen has an approach that I feel comfortable with and have never experienced before. Her work is magnificent and has given me the courage and strength to continue to move forward with issues that most definitely have been prohibiting my progression to being the best version of myself.
I would endorse Helen as a professional hypnotherapist any day and to anyone. In fact I have done - Danielle Stowers-Boon
Clinic Location
Support and Management
Phone: +64276566991
Email: [email protected]

Clinic : 
96 Cambridge Road
New Zealand
Credentials and specialization:
HNZ Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Diploma in Herbal Medicine, Master of Science (Biology)

Support & Management for:
Personal and spiritual development, emotional wellbeing (anxiety, depression, anger etc.), trauma, stress related health issues, weight loss and addiction.
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