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Imagine you are driving your car. It's a familiar journey. You find your mind wandering off, allowing you a space to think through stuff. But hang on, whose is actually driving the car? Your subconscious. That powerhouse that holds all of your memories and experiences. It knows how to drive - so you simply let it do it - right up until you arrive at your destination where the driving part of you is handed back to your conscious mind again.

Have you ever eaten a sandwich and wondered where it has gone? Hypnotherapists use this natural, light trance state we all go in and out of hundreds of times a day to access your subconscious directly where any outdated behaviours and beliefs are finally understood and released. The process is fast and for many, illuminating. Willpower is hard and is a function of the conscious mind. This is why weight ends up a struggle or smoking difficult to stop.
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The uses of hypnotherapy as a complementary healing modality is far reaching. Who would think hypnotherapy could release a fear of earth `shakes'; or find the source of a weird need for approval? And it could turn an athlete into a super star. When fear and uncertainty leaves, life takes on new meaning.

I'm Julie Lambert, a clinical hypnotherapist & life coach. With a bag load of tools and years of experience, you will find the hypnotherapy journey a fascinating one. And its fast. I also provide in-home hypnotherapy sessions in Auckland and Whakatane. Call or email me for details.
“I had such a profound experience with Julie. I feel as though my insecurities that have held me back in life have shifted and been redefined, allowing me to start progressing forward in life and really, finally step in to my true potential.”
“Julie helped me let go of harmful habits in a relaxed and comfortable way. I highly recommend her.”

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Phone: +64 273310001
Email: [email protected]

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Credentials and specialization:
HNZDACH (HNZ Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy)
PMHNZ (Professional Member of Hypnosis New Zealand);
Personal & Executive Coach, Coach U, U.S.A.;
Writer, Finalist Ashton Wylie Award (N.Z.))

Support & Management for:
Weight, stress, smoking, confidence including public speaking, fears & phobias, sports excellence, mind body spirit connection
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