Lisa Thomas
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Coach
Weight is only a symptom!
I am a Hypnotherapist with a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy specializing in progressive weight loss without dieting.

I empower you with the tools to create the life you wish to lead. I have myself struggled with weight issues throughout my life and decided in desperation to control my eating by having weight loss surgery.

This addressed the physical aspect of controlling how much I could eat, but at the time I didn’t understand that its the subconscious mind that needed to be changed. I came across hypnotherapy which gave me new insights into how to change my old habits. Hypnotherapy has inspired me and I feel privileged to help others to take back control of their mind and body.
Services I Offer
I offer the VIRTUAL GASTRIC BAND program. It is not a diet, it is a very powerful Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Program that has been clinically trialed in the UK with a 95% success rate.

Using Hypnosis we can help clients to lose weight by convincing the subconscious mind that the stomach is full on smaller amounts of food.
You can see results in just 1 week!

Lisa is a certified practitioner of the Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band procedure in New Zealand.
I started my weight loss journey with Lisa three weeks ago. Today is going to be my fourth session. yay. So far I have lost approx 5 kilos and counting. I love how Lisa is so professional yet so sweet. I am totally stoked with how my body is changing and I don't have to go on a crazy diet or go gym everyday. How cool is that? I highly recommend contacting her to get your virtual gastric band. It has been worth every penny. Everyone has a tragic back story at some point in their life. I had mine which led me to Lisa. I am just feeling blessed that I chose this path to lose weight . Thank you Lisa. You beautiful soul.
I had virtual gastric banding with Lisa a few weeks ago and have embarked on a life altering journey. I found the process modified to meet my needs and instantly felt almost an aversion to food and my ‘live to eat’ mindset had gone. I now ‘eat to live’ with only very small meals and feel very satisfied with only a tiny amount. Even a whole sandwich I feel too full so usually only eat half. I can easily leave half of a meal if at a restaurant as I stop as feel completely satisfied at just the taste and flavors in small portions. I have zero interest in eating fast food even when purchasing it for my family. Lost 11kg so far and have no hiccups fluctuations in my progress or concerns I’m not going to continue to lose. Has been so easy for me.
I went to see Lisa for help to quit smoking. That was five weeks ago and I haven't smoked a cigarette since. Will be using her services again. Highly recommend.
Clinic Location
Support and Management
Lisa Thomas Hypnotherapy

12 Waterloo St
Auckland 2014

email: [email protected]
moblie: +64 21 111 6869
Credentials and specialization:
PMHNZ (Professional Member of Hypnosis New Zealand)
HNZDACH (HNZ Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy)

Support & Management for: Virtual Gastric Band Specialist, Anxiety, Weight, Depression,
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