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Cultivating a Beautiful Mind will Heal Your Body and Manifest Your Ideal Life
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My name is Pamm Millage. Adding hypnotherapy to my tool kit of psycho-spiritual therapies and vibrational healing work back in the 80s was one of the best choices I made in my life. My life’s work with Ascension Dynamics is Magical.

When you realise you are not a puppet to life circumstances and you have choice, you begin the process of reclaiming your own power. It is an honour to educate "de-hypnotise" repattern and cleanse minds and entire energy systems of destructive past conditioning; infusing them with the light, power, love and wisdom of true Divine Essence.

To discover the tools to maintain this state within yourself also gives you the self-healing and manifestation abilities to create your ideal life and be an inspiration to others. With integrated hypnotherapy you can experience true systemic change.
Services I Offer
Whatever your personal issues are - Ascension Dynamics focuses on solution based therapy to empower you to move from drama, trauma and depletion to that of wholistic wellness and powerful leadership within the niche of your own calling.
Pamm is one of the most caring, gentle and kind women I know. She is a little golden nugget of wisdom and knowledge, love and light. I have used Pamm's services for myself and my son and come away feeling so much better than when I went in.

For my son, who is extremely skeptical and a science geek, he just loved Pamm's explanations of energy and the laws of attraction. She made it easy for him to understand how it all worked and spoke his language.

More kids should see Pamm, she really does make a difference. Definitely would and will recommend.
Pamm is the most amazingly gifted person I have been to.

She has helped me and my family through some tough times and is always there to help me. She helped me overcome a fear of flying.

I got on a plane after 8 years it was fantastic!
This testimonial is from someone who received my ultimate clearing and protection meditation only - I have never met him.

Hello Pamm - Thank you so much for your thoughts, your care, your skill, your wisdom and..... YOUR MAGIC!! I listened to the guided meditation on the first night and then decided to complete a full week of practice before responding to you. I’ve listened to it every day sometimes twice a day for 7 nights. I’ve recognised for a little while that the stress and tension held has been unproductive for me and definitely contributing to my recent physical concerns. I’ve recognised that I work with a number of individuals and groups that challenge my own resonance harmony and spiritual connection. I’ve recognised I have not been looking after these dimensions although I do have a committed self- health practice.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to care for the parts of me that are at my very core. I had the second round of results yesterday from my GP. My liver enzymes are all back to normal. These had been raised and a concern because my brother passed from liver cancer not diagnosed until far too late. I’ve had concerns re gastro-intestinal function for about 10 years. Without going into detail, my results were all negative to any disorder. I had been diagnosed as suffering from gout as Utica levels were 1.8 units over that of gout sufferers on treatment. These are now less than half of the normal value. Finally, I received a text from my GP 4 weeks ago stating I needed to start medicines “immediately “. My GP stated I should wait another month or so before rechecking these high levels as there would not be any change in 3 weeks. Well my bad cholesterol has reduced by 2 whole points and my total cholesterol ratio is now well below any need to treat it - even diet and it’s only 3 weeks
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Phone: +64272800687
Email: [email protected]

Clinic : 
59 Western Rise, R.D. 20 Ohau
New Zealand
Credentials and specialization:
HNZRCH (Registered Professional Member of Hypnosis New Zealand)
Osmosis Academy of Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma
PMNZAPH (Professional Member of the New Zealand Association of Professional Hypnotherapists)
Certified Heartmath Practitioner
Master NLP Practitioner
Certified Colour Psychotherapist
IAM University Psycho-spiritual Counsellor
Vibrational Energy Healer

Support & Management for:
Integrative Body
Spirit Health
Higher Evolutionary Awareness and integration
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